1. Yikes

    Just now finding out the score. No way to sugar coat it folks, we just plain ole’ got beat by a better team. Once again though, it’s good that this is happening at the beginning of the season which gives plenty of time for adjustments. Getting three hits in one game and two in the next is pretty unacceptable. I didn’t pay much attention to the game (away from any wi-fi and cell service) so I’m not sure much of what happened. I heard that the radio was blaming the home plate umpire for giving Arizona better calls, but I think that’s bullshit said by fans trying to place blame somewhere. No excuses though, and I think we’ll see a stronger team after this. Time to move on and get prepared for the home opener Friday. Roll Tide!


  2. And the bats go cold.

    Incredibly frustrating game for Bama fans with a total of three hits. Thankfully this is happening at the beginning of the season with plenty of time for adjustments. Jackie pitched much better after the 3rd run but it wasn’t enough. Kudos to Arizona’s pitching. Bama takes on Arizona again tomorrow. Roll Tide!

  3. The only time you’ll see me listen to a game on the radio. If you want to listen to Kayla Braud help call the game you can listen in here.


  4. 2-0 on the day.

    Late posting, Ellen Page news distracted me! Anywho, Bama picked up two wins today with a 13-5 win over Grand Canyon (Danae Hays, Leona Lafaele, Haylie McCleney and Andrea Hawkins with homers) and a 12-0 victory over Tennessee State. Tomorrow the team will be playing New Mexico and Arizona. Roll Tide!



    It’s the start of another tournament for the Alabama softball team! They take on Grand Canyon at 2 CT and Tennessee State at 7 CT. You should be able to follow the games on a (FREE) live stream here.

    Roll Tide.


  6. Wow. Only the first weekend of season and I am already at 58 followers. Thanks guys! Something that I have set up so you all can get involved is that I have my blog set up for submissions. So basically if you have Alabama softball edits, you attended a game and took pictures/have a story to tell, or have pictures with players you can submit them! So if you have something you want to be seen, submit!